Who is Orla Kiely

Find out the history of Orla Kiely
12 Jul 22
The creative world found Orla and started with a simple idea to design a collection of bags and accessories in a rainbow of prints, always joyful and happy with an emphasis on functionality. 
Dermott and Orla established Orla Kiely in 1995, the year their oldest son was born. 
They had a passion for colour and with much of fashion at the time immersed in black, our brand from the very beginning stood out and was noticed. 
They always loved mid-century design and trawled the markets in Portobello or Montreuil in Paris for vintage treasures, especially objects or clothing from the sixties and seventies helping to feed a passion and establish a style. 
 With little funds but lots of enthusiasm, they started a company, his business with her creative, dedicated to colour and pattern. This was the first step along a winding path and the start of a journey filled with challenges and successes in equal measures, life was never boring.
The Stem design has become synonymous with Orla Kiely, with Prints and Woven fabrics continuing the flow of the design.



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