Harlequin Fabrics

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Harlequin is a high end manufacture with a range of beautiful fabrics and wallpapers. If you love high fashion, Harlequin will steal your heart. You will wowed by the fusions of wonderful colours, original textures and catwalk inspired ideas.
The word Harlequin means ‘varied in colour or decoration’ which shows the manufacturers diverse design ethos perfectly. Harlequins designers love to experiment with gouache, inks and watercolours to create new effects and colour blends. The end results are looks that bend the rules and allow you to be as creative as you choose.

* Discounts available on full rolls of fabric contact us for more information.

Please note we are unable to accept returns on cut fabric as it has been cut to length and is a bespoke order.
If you are unsure of colour or texture please request a sample.