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Just Sew Interiors Product Brochures

In this section of our site you will find informative information and downloads for some of the curtain poles and curtain tracks on site. If you need any advice please do not hesitate to ask and we will try out best to help.
Please Click on the relevant curtain pole range to view the manufacturers product brochure (please be patient as some of the files are quite large and may take a few minutes to download) :

Artisan curtain Poles

Click below to download the Artisan product brochure :

SGGB_TB_PO_6100M_20090330.pdfArtisan curtain poles

Integra curtain Poles

Click below to download the Integra product brochures :

SGGB_TB_PO_6100M_20090330.pdfIntegra Integration brochure
SGGB_TB_PO_6100M_20090330.pdfIntegra Wood Works brochure
SGGB_TB_PO_6100M_20090330.pdfIntegra Metal Works brochure
SGGB_TB_PO_6100M_20090330.pdfIntegra Options brochure
SGGB_TB_PO_6100M_20090330.pdfIntegra Curtain Tracks brochure

Kestrel curtain Poles

Click below to download the kestrel product brochure :

SGGB_TB_PO_6100M_20090330.pdfKestrel Metal poles brochure
SGGB_TB_PO_6100M_20090330.pdfKestrel Metal poles brochure
SGGB_TB_PO_6100M_20090330.pdfKestrel Tiebacks brochure

Resina curtain Poles

Click below to download the Resina Designs product brochures :

SGGB_TB_PO_6100M_20090330.pdfResina Advent Collection
SGGB_TB_PO_6100M_20090330.pdfResina Classical collection

Rolls Curtain Poles

Click below to  download the Rolls product brochures :

SGGB_TB_PO_6100M_20090330.pdfRolls Neo brochure
SGGB_TB_PO_6100M_20090330.pdfRolls Modern Country brochure
SGGB_TB_PO_6100M_20090330.pdfRolls Museum Brochure
SGGB_TB_PO_6100M_20090330.pdfRolls Galleria Museum brochure
SGGB_TB_PO_6100M_20090330.pdfRolls Galleria G2 Museum brochure
SGGB_TB_PO_6100M_20090330.pdfRolls Retrospectives brochure

Rufflette curtain Poles

Click below to download the Rufflette product brochure :

SGGB_TB_PO_6100M_20090330.pdfRufflette brochure

Silent Gliss Curtain Poles

Click below to  download the Silent Gliss product brochures :

SGGB_TB_PO_6100M_20090330.pdfSilent Gliss Metropole Brochure
SGGB_TB_PO_6100M_20090330.pdfSilent Gliss Wave Heading Brochure
SGGB_TB_PO_6100M_20090330.pdfSilent Gliss cord operated track systems

Walcot House curtain Poles

Click below to download the Walcot House product brochure :

SGGB_TB_PO_6100M_20090330.pdfWalcot House curtain poles

 If you are unable to view PDF files please ensure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader Click here to install.  

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